Re-creation – Creating a new form from existing creations to refresh the body, mind and spirit is a productive activity that conforms to a NO-WASTE mindset: No time wasted. No talent wasted. No idea wasted. No resources wasted. No skills wasted. No potential wasted. That, is an excellent way to show Gratitude to our Creator for all that we were endowed with.


Haiku is a poem style that has Japanese origin. Nowadays, it is commonly found written in English but still following the Japanese form that is composed of seventeen syllables, divided in three lines of five-seven-five (5-7-5). This type of poem is fitting in this site because traditionally haiku evokes images of the natural world. We try to make it more fun to ‘haiku’ here.


A flower in bloom

Pretty in my salad bowl

Healthy, tasty chow.

Those flowers so bright!

Fuchsia, orange, yellow, blue

Anti-aging hues!

Am I going nuts?

I am going bananas

Oh, it’s my oatmeal!

I love banana

Mushy, creamy in my mouth

I am moisturized.

Apple of my eye

Right before my berry eyes

Jams into a bread.


Rustling of palm leaves

Pitter-patter of raindrops

Monsoon symphony.

Bees buzzing around

Birds chirping and twittering

Garden melodies.

Waves crashing on shore

School of tuna jumping

Fishing boat chasing.

Ebbing, rising tide

Lapping waves towards the shore

What a calming vibe.

The surface ripples

Moving patterns on the sea

Turtle head bobbing.

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