Nature Gym ‘n Spa

We can’t ever underestimate the therapeutic value of nature.

What makes our ‘touch’ special?

TOUCH 1 – Physio Therapy

Be touched and feel truly cared for by our partner in TOUCH PROGRAM. Not all PTs are equal. Here, you’ll find a truly gifted Physiotherapist who makes a real difference by touching your life even from a distance; through Tele-PT, a part of virtual care. This system was enabled during pandemic and can continue even after it, especially in an island setting. This is a practical, convenient and cost-effective healthcare approach.

TOUCH 2 – Natural Spa Treatments

Sea Therapies – Benefit from the restorative power of the sea water and seaweed.

TOUCH 3 – Moving Contemplation

P.O.S.H Kubo introduces in the island its own moving contemplation technique. When in Romblon, instead of Yoga or Tai-chi or Qi Gong, try our own Ha-Lik. The name HA-LIK is a contraction of two tagalog words: ‘HA’ is from HAplos, meaning caress. ‘LIK’ is from KaLIKasan, meaning nature. As one word, ‘halik’ means ‘to kiss.’ That said, you already can guess that this moving meditation is about being caressed or kissed by nature.


— Jane Doe


— Jane Doe