In Memory of Our Beloved Motoryacht

Carpe diem! Seize the day! For eight years we immersed ourselves in the boating lifestyle, living each day as if tomorrow might not come. We cruised, by ourselves most of the time, around Southeast Asia and India, aboard our beloved motoryacht. We took the few months break each year by flying to Europe and spend lovely time on land, visiting tourist spots, friends and relatives.

Gut-wrenching Quencher🍸🍉

Fruits as medicine, when they can be used to allay or ease dis-ease. Have you experienced having stomach discomforts when under pressure, stress or suffering from mild symptoms of gastritis or acid reflux? It’s that feeling of having a burning sensation in your stomach that may not be that painful but very uncomfortable. It’s easier…

DIY Fizzy Antacid

What is an antacid? It is a mixture of substances that are intended to neutralize the increased acidity in the stomach (hyperacidity) or provide relief from acid reflux. With the amount of multifaceted stress brought about by the pandemic, I’m sure many people, already feel the ‘heat’ in the stomach and the painful cramps. Eating…

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