Our Story

After years under my honey’s mentorship on nautical lifestyle, we ‘tied the knot’ literally and figuratively. As in our boating adventures, our life together in the past many years was a series of passages across alternating troubled waters and calm seas. The troubled waters rock the boat and test the will but strengthen the spirit. The calm waters, as welcoming as they are sometimes hide a strong current that is just as testing if the boat is going against it; but if the boat runs along with the current we are taken for a ride that goes smoother and faster than the set speed. We learned to use to our advantage the elements of nature and maintain our deep respect for it especially when it teaches us much about how to live our lives together in love, harmony and happiness. We’ve been living the “for better or for worse, in sickness and in health” long before we tied the knot and found anchor. It is but fitting then, that on the solemnization of our union as husband and wife, our ring-bearer is not a little boy but that of a sailing boat that look like sailing on golden water; as in the golden reflection of so many lovely sunrise and sunset we immersed ourselves in to celebrate our life together. On a light note, the golden theme makes sure that we do not need to wait fifty years to celebrate a golden wedding. We celebrate the moment NOW.  And where we found anchor, in our retirement home at a remote tropical island in the Philippines, we continue to celebrate life in the moment; grateful for the continuing shower of blessings including that of good health.

~ Mrs. J. P. Haines