Meaning of Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow

During rainy season, rainbows are a common sightings from the balcony of our seaside house. This time, we had two sightings in a week, of a full single rainbow and a double rainbow.
It is claimed that in Eastern culture, a DOUBLE RAINBOW symbolizes transformation and good fortune. Whatever it signifies, to us it is always a source of delight and flashes of inspiration that  comes from momentary dying due to breath-holding on seeing an awesome panorama. My exaggeration doesn’t even compare to the range of emotions on actual experience during that moment. Or maybe, the range of emotions got complicated by the commotion in trying to find my mobile phone to take the video before the lovely apparition fades away.

I could almost hear my more serious self whisper: ‘Enjoy the moment. Immerse yourself fully in this divine experience. Don’t get distracted by the temptation to video it.’

My bitchy self retorting: ‘Shut up! I also enjoy the moment of videoing the scene.’

My practical self enjoined with: ‘ Well, immersing truly takes one to deeper level of understanding the experience. But videoing, though distracting from truly immersing one’s self from the experience; could provide more number of delightful though less deeper experiences with each viewing.

I’m sure God allows us to enjoy spontaniety. This is the best way to enjoy life, sometimes.

Watch video @:

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