Nature-inspired Haiku

I consider writing haiku as one of my re-creations for reasons mentioned in my RE-CREATION page. No moment is wasted when enjoyed mindfully and preserved through haiku.

Haiku is a poem style that has Japanese origin. Nowadays, it is commonly found written in English but still following the Japanese form that is composed of seventeen syllables, divided in three lines of five-seven-five (5-7-5). This type of poem is fitting in this site because traditionally haiku evokes images of the natural world.

NATURE HAIKU (4 separate haikus)

Rustling of palm leaves,

Pitter-patter of raindrops;

Monsoon symphony.

Bees buzzing around,

Birds chirping and twittering;

Garden melodies.

Ebbing, rising tide

Lapping waves towards the shore,

What a calming vibe.

The surface ripples…

Moving patterns on the sea.

Turtle head bobbing.

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