Edible Flower-inspired Haiku

I consider writing haiku as one of my re-creations for reasons mentioned in my RE-CREATION page.

Haiku is a poem style that has Japanese origin. Nowadays, it is commonly found written in English but still following the Japanese form that is composed of seventeen syllables, divided in three lines of five-seven-five (5-7-5). This type of poem is fitting in this site because traditionally haiku evokes images of the natural world. I try to make it more fun to ‘haiku’ here.

In our island home (P.O.S.H Kubo), the foods served on the table are often garnished with the vibrant-colored edible flowers to add aesthetic and nutritional value to our meals because they are rich in anti-oxidant, multivitamins and minerals. Commonly, in health blogs the healthy foods are presented with details of their nutritional values per serving or portion. I’ll eventually get to that. But with so many information already published, I think for now I’ll do it my way in an enjoyable (at least for me) creative way through haiku; and that in itself is therapeutic for me. Oh, our edible flowers are free and definitely organic too because they’re picked from my garden! Some, I planted and some are just growing wild. Here goes the haiku…

Clitoria flower

Squeezes the blues away

Vitality boost!

A flower in bloom

Pretty in my salad bowl

Healthy, tasty chow.

Those flowers so bright!

Fuchsia, orange, yellow, blue

Anti-aging hues!

Pretty begonia

Stimulates the senses

Adds to health much zest!

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