Joyful Distractions

I started a few blog drafts to post here in the Island Lifestyle Blogazine and ended up writing this one that is not among those drafts. Time passes so quickly i wish the pandemic goes along with it. šŸ™‚ It’s weekend already and all I managed in between minimal household chores, dining out, and writing drafts; is browsing around WordPress to read interesting blogs about other places, people, food, current events, culture, poetry, creativity, photography and other island lifestyle blogs. I discovered strangers whose stories, work of art and poetry about life and nature I admire. I even found enjoyment in ‘liking’ and commenting on some blogs. I learned new things about web designing and blogging. That’s a good exercise for the brain. It still is related to my goal of having a blogazine centered on wellness, nature, gratitude and healthy lifestyle. I don’t think that’s shallow.

That is a lot to be grateful about this week!

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