A Gift

I received a gift from my husband. This is it, the WordPress website account including the domain name. So, consider this as my first post because this should have been published before my other blogs.

Like a child who was gifted a new toy I was so excited to play. It’s nice, this feeling of being like a child with a new lego. Oh, I decided it’s a lego because I could create so much with a lego. My lego is a special edition – The Island Lifestyle Blogazine @ P.O.S.H Kubo.

The blogs I post are like lego pieces that will make up the structure of the blogazine. If from just a number of blogs it seems that the structure is in shamble, try to give allowances. Remember, this is special edition lego that I’m trying to master as I play. This gift gets more and more valuable when my brain gets the benefit from playing it. I intend to play it at my own pace for the most benefit, for myself and my husband. This is my new re-creation. My blog titled RE-CREATION gives you an inkling what it means to me as such.

I thank my husband for this gift. I thank God for the gift of creativity and the enjoyment that comes with it.

With this gift, let me share with you Our Story

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  1. Coffee Lover says:

    What a great gift. Look forward to reading.

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