Retired, Licensed to Practice

Retirement from conventional clinical practice is not the end of medical practice. It could be a start of an unconventional continuing practice in a natural setting that smells of fresh air, not of sterile environment reeking of chemicals. A limited consultation time is not even a concern. Nature provides the natural-walled facility that is:

  • relationships nurturing,
  • conducive for sleep and stress management,
  • providing numerous physical activity stimuli and
  • perfect for the body-gut-brain-soul nourishment.

In such a setting, a retired physician could immerse more into Culinary Medicine and have a freer Lifestyle Medicine practice unencumbered by organizational restrictions. I better throw in Environmental Medicine too! Gone are the days of simple GP (General Practice). After getting licenced to practice as GP, few more years of hospital training turned me into certified Family Medicine practitioner. In private practice while I was enjoying exploring oriental medicine (acupuncture and energy healing), another field opened called Integrative Medicine. While at it, I went to England to train on Neuro-structural Integration (NST). Got bored along the way to retirement so i got myself certified on Aesthetic Medicine. Hmmmm, what about Functional Medicine…Phew! It has gotten too complicated now. Let’s make it more complete practice but simpler -HOLISTIC MEDICINE. This is what my career path brought me. And as I transition from being quinquagenarian to sexagenarian in few years time, life is getting more interesting. Having left the rat race behind and headed to a laid-back but more enriching life, I grow older rejuvenated and revitalized to continue carving further this new path.

I didn’t know that this new path entails starting this blogazine when my husband gave me A Gift.

As I start here, let me share with you Our Story.

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  1. Ang ganda ganda ng mga lugar na iyan

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    1. poshkubo says:

      Sa harap ng bahay namin dun sa Pilipinas. Salamat.


      1. Wow! Sobrang ganda!

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      2. Sa harap ng bahay ng asawa ko ay wala kahit anong maganda….puro bukid


      3. poshkubo says:

        May nakikita akong ganda kahit sa bukid. Iba nga lang kaysa sa dagat. Depende na lang sa gagawin nyo sa lugar.

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      4. Ang pangit doon sa barangay ni misis ay ang mga bundok….ng basura…ngunit mayroon din bundok na maganda sa Sierra Madre…maraming waterfalls

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      5. poshkubo says:

        Bundok ng basura – yan din ang malaking problema sa isla. Isa sa mga plano ko sana para sa brgy pero pag alam mo ang solusyon, ayaw ng mga opisyal yan dahil gusto nila sila ang sikat. Kung mamimigay ka ng pera, gusto ka nila. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      6. Oo nga, pera: iyon ang talagang gusto nila


      7. poshkubo says:

        Maganda ang Sierra Madre! ๐Ÿ™‚

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