There’s RECREATION and there’s RE-CREATION. The ‘dash’ makes a big difference. Whereas recreation refers only to something one does as a diversion or hobbies, re-creation encompasses more, means a lot more and deeper than that.

RE-CREATION: Creating a new form from existing creations to refresh the body, mind and spirit is a productive activity that conforms to a NO-WASTE mindset: No time wasted. No talent wasted. No idea wasted. No resources wasted. No skills wasted. No potential wasted. Even the waste is not wasted through upcycling and composting! That, is an excellent way to show Gratitude to our Creator for all that we were endowed with.

Check out our environmental re-creation @

Crafty Person’s Haven

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  1. judeitakali says:

    Gorgeous plants an natural patterns and colours

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  2. poshkubo says:

    Yes. Thank you! Inspires a haiku.

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