Crab Mentality Nature

This blog is about understanding the nature of crab mentality and finding inspiration from Nature to turn its negative manifestations into positive outcomes that make the victim always a winner.

What is crab mentality? It is a human outlook patterned after the behavior of crabs trapped in a bucket. Imagine this…those hairy, sharp claws of crabs at the bottom, pulling down the crab that’s climbing up ahead to the top, to get out of the bucket. This phenomenon in humans is called the crab in the bucket syndrome (CBS), that takes the form of conspiracy, enviousness, resentment, jealousy and spitefulness resulting in adverse individual and collective outcomes.

Crab mentality is universal but it’s a glaring trait of Filipinos (in general), as the people themselves admit. I’m not sure if acknowledging that makes us better people. Maybe at this point I should neutralize that by pointing out other positive traits of Filipinos in superlative: Great hospitality! Super-friendly! Gifted with golden vocal cords for singing, yehey! Respectful and caring to elderlies! What else? Gotta think of more, otherwise the crab mentality would overshadow the positive traits. 🙂

Having been on the receiving end of the venom of people with crab mentality countless times, I have learned ways to bust crab mentality. The most interesting are those inspired by NATURE because in the process, I cultivate the attitude of GRATITUDE. Nature has an inherent, powerful anti-venom against crab mentality and to harness it we should focus on Nature and be mindful of its value in relation to CBS, Here’s how I do it when I’m out there bathed in the nurturing embrace of Nature – I put my focus on the:

ROCK – Though many prefers a powdery white, sandy beach, I am grateful for the rock that gives character to the beach. Let me be the rock,that the waves of Amihan (northeast monsoon) keeps crashing on but instead of being broken I grow algae and sea weeds to feed the wandering creatures that take shelter in me and eat the food I provide. What a blessing to be the rock!

MANGROVE – Though it’s half-submerged in the muddy sea and gets bashed by damaging storms, waves and floods, it thrives. Let me be the mangrove that despite getting thrashed around, it manages to protect the shoreline from the destructive force of storms, typhoon winds, floods and waves. What a blessing to be the mangrove!

SEA URCHIN – From above, I look through the glassy surface of the sea, and I see the sea urchin at the bottom, with its ugly look and scary, venomous spines. I’m grateful not to be that sea urchin down below.

This is a continuing blog that could get longer as I keep adding to the list. I encourage anyone who passes by this post, to do the same. I welcome your contribution to this. You could send me your own choice of Nature’s appendage that inspire you to be a crab mentality buster.

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  1. Dito sa Roma sa dami ng mga Pilipino ay maaari sanang magkaroon ng maraming negosyong Pinoy …kaso malakas ang crab mentality

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    1. poshkubo says:

      Hindi na ako nagtataka sa sunabi mo. Marami sana akong plano na maganda para sa mga kababayan ko sa isla na naisipan naming mag-retire. Pero ang lakas ng hatak ng mga utak-talangka (crab mentality). Mula sa pinaka-mahirap na kapit-bahay hanggang sa pinaka-mataas na opisyal ng probinsya. Kina-i-inggitan kahit pagtulong namin sa kapwa. Salamat sa komento!

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      1. Salamat sa iyo! Ingat

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