Touch of Mother Nature

The Wonder of Nature!

When you think you’ve seen all of Nature’s beauty and glory, you come to a secluded, remote place, alone in your exploration and enjoyment of THE MOMENT; then a deep sigh escapes, you feel this deep connection…then you are filled with awe and renewed admiration and respect for such Creation. A moment when the expression ‘AWESOME!’ is an understatement. That, is a moment of being touched by Mother Nature.

Such moment inspired me to create this Meditation video. It was an attempt to capture and preserve in my memory that special moment. This takes that remote scene forever close to my heart and memory, wherever I am.

Get a glimpse of it from this corner and ENJOY THE MOMENT in a MEDITATION:

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  1. Miriam says:

    I understand what you mean about that connection. Mother Nature provides us with the ultimate gift of beauty and mindfulness. Thank you for sharing your beautiful meditation.

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    1. poshkubo says:

      You’re welcome! Nice to communicate with someone like you who understand what I wrote and even the unwritten feeling.

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