Singapore Outreach Highlight

As we browsed the homepage of the SeaKeepers, Asia, International Outreach we were gripped with some nostalgia as we looked at the photos of the National University, Singapore scientists and students who we sponsored for an environmental education outreach, onboard our motoryacht.

Stress-free, Solar-powered Island Abode

In the beginning, life in a small island in the Philippines is exciting as well as relaxing with the surrounding pristine sea, fresher air, stunning sunsets and rainbows. The small inconveniences that make the island living different from the urban are tolerable when you don’t stay in the island full-time. It is when you already…

Nature-inspired Haiku

I consider writing haiku as one of my re-creations for reasons mentioned in my RE-CREATION page. No moment is wasted when enjoyed mindfully and preserved through haiku. Haiku is a poem style that has Japanese origin. Nowadays, it is commonly found written in English but still following the Japanese form that is composed of seventeen…

I ❤ Cholesterol?

When many still consider it a bad thing for health, why do I ❤ cholesterol? Here’s why: Cholesterol is an organic substance that is vital for health and wellness. It is an essential structural component or building block in cell membranes holding cells together so they don’t fall apart. Cholesterol, being a component of membranes,…

Water Aerobics @ Pool or Sea?

I got out of the wrong side of the bed one morning. I wasn’t ready to get up yet but a loud voice from the pool down below roared up to our suite in the fourth floor and dragged me out from dreamland. I looked down through the window and saw a small group doing…


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Hi, I’m Poshkubo personified. I became a full-time blogger. I spend most of my time with in pursuit of creative endeavours related to health, environmental, cultural and humanitarian causes.

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