P.O.S.H Kubo: Our home. Our wellness place.

Get a taste of island life in abundance. We”ll make our place the statement of our life’s philosophy, causes and advocacy, through holistic healthy lifestyle practices that nurture the well-being. Here, is a nature-lover’s paradise that could serve as an experiential healing place where we discover pleasurable ways to get better or prevent getting sick.

POSH Kubo is a ‘home clinic’ where we get free treatment, with the following all-natural therapies provided by Dr. Nat Ure: Rest, fresh air, sea water immersion and barefoot walking in the sandy beach; plus sufficient natural vit. D, lots of vit. Sea, megadoses of smiles and TLCs as needed.

@ P.O.S.H Kubo we enjoy a biophilic environment that’s good for our physical and mental health. Ample nooks with seamless connection to the garden and sea give a sense of one huge room that is walled with nature.

Our kubo was created with a vibrant atmosphere too! Lively orange and red to lift the mood. Blues and greens to relax and focus.

Dr. Nat Ure gives away an all-natural anti-Covid shield, so come!

Come and relax at our Epicure Tapas Bar >>>

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