Welcome to EPICURE!

What does our resident Culinary Doctor prescribe? An epicurean adventure!

EpiCURE is POSH Kubo’s virtual TAPAS BARESTO. As the name implies, we aim for an epic cure through healthier gastronomic delights. FOR NOW, let this be an online venue where one’s gastronomic virtual experience provides enough inspiration to make the necessary changes in diet and practices. Here, is a home clinic where the health responsibility is in your hands and not dependent on the doctor’s drug prescriptions. Here, you are always provided with an opportunity for an ABUSE BREAK, when you can do away with your usual high dose of alcoholic and sweet beverages by shifting to healthier drink options or merely reducing your usual portion.

Here, we are always interested in the guest’s POINT OF VIEW. Wherever the guest is seated, he experiences gastronomic delights in a calming environment provided by the picturesques island and sea view. The food, the view, and the ambience are important for the gastrointestinal tract that is sensitive to emotional turmoil.

In a virtual way for now, we can share with you what we enjoy in reality, at our kubo, while we express mindful gratitude for the daily blessings, as we watch the sun set.

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